#1 QB Matt Barkley USC/Senior 6`2 220lbs

Posted: February 6, 2013 in QBs 2013
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When I first saw Matt Barkley I was in awe of how polished he was as a senior at Mater Dei shredding up his competition and he became the #1 QB in HS Class of 09.

Taken by James Santelli, Neon Tommy. September...

Taken by James Santelli, Neon Tommy. September 24, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matt Barkley`s arrival on the college football world happened  to be against the Ohio State Buckeyes his freshman year. I remember that 4th quarter drive he had and to top it all off he had that two point conversion to Joe McKnight that ultimately won the game.

Now fast forward to his junior yr. with Robert Woods and Marquise  Lee, he proved in my eyes that was more than worthy of being in the conversation with Andrew Luck who was mocked and eventually chosen number 1 by Indianapolis in the 2012 NFL Draft.

I firmly believe that he would have been the #2 pick had he came out last year. Maybe the Redskins would have been able to keep the 6th pick to take Robert Griffin III instead of trading up to the #2 pick.

His senior year was supposed to be “the year” they were the preseason #1. He was supposed to win the Heisman and the National Championship. As a result of that everyone laid it all on Barkley unfairly I might add.

But it ended when he suffered a shoulder injury in what otherwise was a season of great numbers but disappointing results with the expectations that they were worthy of a National Championship. Regardless minus the injuries he has numbers and the production to be a top 5 pick. It’s a matter of whether his shoulder can hold up cause I feel Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford never fully recovered from their injuries.

However if the shoulder is 100% he has the same skills that people loved in Andrew Luck and Ryan Tannehill. Barkley sees the whole field and can throw in any angle to every part of the field, and never mind the fact he was at a disadvantage coaching wise cause Lane Kiffin is an awful coach. Regardless fighting through the probation period with the school and the fact he played with two great wide receivers means he`s a leader.

He finished his USC career with 12,327 passing yards and 116 TD passes both Pac-12 (formally Pac-10) records. He was the first four-year starter in school history and for USC that`s saying something. I still think he should go #1 if KC as opposed to Geno Smith but this USC QB’s best fit would be in Arizona with Bruce Arians, a guy who coached Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger. He’ll even have Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Roberts and Michael Floyd there, we all know that defense is good when they’re motivated to be.

Maybe this USC QB will be the golden boy, I believe so if his shoulder checks out.

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  2. shanewellman says:

    Imagine if KC picked him, resigned Dwayne Bowe, and traded into the end of the first round to grab Robert Woods? Thats a potent offense with Charles in the backfield too. Not sure if Bowe wants back in though

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