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Glennon looking deep, thats his specialty

Glennon looking deep, thats his specialty

Once again Tom O’Brien has a quarterback on the NFL Draft radar. Glennon is following the footsteps of Matt Ryan, the Hasselbeck brothers, Brian St. Pierre, and Russell Wilson whom O’Brien has coached with his last two jobs (Boston College and NC State).

His career numbers at NC State of 63TD and 31INT with 7,411 passing yards are good for a two-year starter. He played in the ACC in which he played defenses like UNC, Clemson, Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Miami. Last time I checked they were very mediocre to average defenses.

What makes Glennon different than the other QB’s in this draft is his 6’6″ 232lb. frame. He has arm strength but is a little overrated, not ideal accuracy judging from the sub 60% completion percentage and the poor performances at the bowl game vs. Vanderbilt game and the Senior Bowl. His worst performance by far was against the Tennessee Volunteers, throwing 4INT in a 35-21 defeat

His memorable game is no doubt against #3 Florida State, but his best performances were in his junior yr. against Clemson. In the Clemson game he threw 19-29 253 yards and had 3TD’s, and by the way Clemson was ranked #7. He struggled early due to the pressure that Bowers and Branch brought on the edge but once he got comfortable it was a wrap for this gunslinger

There are qualities I notice in him that lead me to believe that he will improve. Remember people you don’t to be a Tom Brady or a Peyton Manning to win Super Bowls. He’s similar to the second-tier QB’s of Matt Ryan Eli Manning and Joe Flacco. One other noticing fact is that without WR TJ Graham in 2012 he threw more INTs. In 2011 Glennon threw 12INTs, in 2012 he threw 17INTs. Once again I stress the importance of an outside threat in the perimeter.

Like Matt Ryan and even Joe Flacco as well as Eli Manning he’s tough, he’s a gunslinger, shows fearlessness. Glennon played poorly in the senior bowl but so did every other QB so I ultimately think the combine and individual workouts will the judge of where he goes. Even with that he works best in play action and the ability to attack the deep right-center part of the field like Joe Flacco. I feel Flacco and Carson Palmer are the most similar  to his intangibles and his kind of game.

NC State may not be an elite program but Glennon played his best in that 2nd half vs. Florida St a team in the BCS title conversation at that time ranked #3. Glennon also didn’t have the elite supporting cast the previous two quarterbacks had. But it was no reason for losing, he didn’t glamorize with the numbers, he’s just a blue collar player.

He may climb up the board as the first quarterback taken according to Mel Kiper and Todd McShay but to me he’s levels below the top two guys in fact I think he’s one of those guys where he’s years away from excelling in league. He’ll be over drafted because all QB’s are. But ultimately I think he should be a 3rd-4th round pick. Nothing against the guy but a lot of last yrs. guys were better as I said with Tyler Wilson.

Photograph of Tyler Wilson from 2010 Spring Pr...

Photograph of Tyler Wilson from 2010 Spring Practice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two years ago Tyler Wilson had very high expectations to continue the success that the University of Arkansas had. After all, he was replacing Ryan Mallett, and his head coach was Bobby Petrino, who had previous been at Louisville and developed QB’s like Chris Redman and Brian Brohm.

For starters, he was an accomplished HS star in the State of Arkansas winning two consecutive state titles. Like a good hometown kid he went to Arkansas shortly after the Darren McFadden era.

Wilson was left in charge of an offense that was truly wealthy in talent on the perimeter. WR’s like Greg Childs, return-ace Joe Adams, Cobi Hamilton, and 2012 Minnesota Vikings breakout rookie Jarius Wright. At TE he had ALL-SEC man DJ Williams who’s a remarkable story with just himself and in the backfield until his knee injury was Knile Davis.

Wilson led the team to an 11-2 (6-2) record. his biggest games as a junior and probably in his career at Arkansas were against Texas A&M, Auburn, Mississippi State, and in the Cotton Bowl against Kansas State.  Overall his junior yr. was amazing; He threw for 3,638 yards 24TD and only 6INT’s.

Even before the Bobby Petrino scandal last April where he was fired for an inappropriate relationship with a secretary, the team wasn’t in a good spot heading into the 2012 season although ranked #8 in the preseason. On top of an interim coach in John L. Smith which in my eyes was a poor hire, they lost Greg Childs, DJ Williams, Jarius Wright, and Joe Adams. That’s probably over 85% of their receiving yards.

The Arkansas Razorbacks went 4-8 (2-6) record. With the poor record Tyler Wilson still put up decent numbers. He put up 3,387 yards passing, 21TD 13INT. He had a concussion vs. UL Monroe in a loss 34-31 in OT. I felt if Wilson didn’t get hurt they win that game and maybe they would’ve been bowl eligible, something about Arkansas after that game that shows they quit on Coach Smith.

Wilson throws the ball very well, he showed that his junior and senior yr. with different receivers. But he throws a lot to his right; I call it the “Michael Felger” rule he used as a case that Joe Flacco wasn’t a good QB. Some compare Wilson to Brett Favre; I on the other hand compare him to a Matt Schaub because like Schaub he doesn’t show the ability to go vertical, and like Schaub he only throws right.

Wilson in some minds could go in the top-10, I feel in a normal draft yr, he would go in the 3rd-4th round because of the fact he was not better than Foles, Wilson, Luck, Griffin III etc. Regardless it is best for him to be a back-up in a place like Dallas because he can sit behind Tony Romo before they give him the boot or in Chicago where Jay Cutler may be down to his last year there. This kid is not ready to be a starter in the NFL.

Ryan Nassib is a rather interesting prospect because he’s another three year starter that accomplished a lot in his career at Syracuse. For starters, he led the team to two bowl appearances in three years which wasn’t the case before he took over QB duties from former Duke basketball transfer Greg Paulus. He’s the best QB they’ve had since Donovan McNabb was playing in the late 90’s.

Nassib could be a steal in the Second Round for some New York team

Nassib could be a steal in the Second Round for some New York team

He didn’t have great talent around him but still surpassed milestones, 9000 passing yards and 70TD. I’d say that’s a solid career but of course the record won’t show, similar to Glennon. But Nassib is mobile in the pocket only being sacked 16 times as a senior. He kept Syracuse in games they had no business being in.

Nassib cost his team with his decision-making last season with his performances against Rutgers and USC which were both losses. But he did show up in some big performances late in the season. But two Pinstripe Bowl wins in his career (Kansas State 2010 and West Virginia 2012.)

One game I’ll point out as a signature game was against the Louisville Cardinals going 15-23 for 246 passing yards and 3TDs, by far his best game of the season and maybe his career since it was on Senior Day. Another would be the Pinstripe Bowl upset over West Virginia 38-14 to end his career and the season winning five of his six games to complete a 8-5 (5-2) record.

His head coach at Syracuse Doug Marrone was hired by the Buffalo Bills. Remember Ryan Tannehill last yr. and OC Mike Sherman. They were at Texas a&M in 2011 and that helped them both. Chemistry is vital with Quarterbacks and coaches.

He compares to Christian Ponder or Jake Locker in some cases, but a better one from me would be closer to an Andy Dalton type, average size and an above average arm. Nassib didn’t have that much talent around him as I mentioned before but to have two bowl wins in three years as a starter is not too shabby.

He`s a smart guy who will take his chances but will be able to manage the game early in his career like Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton did as rookies.

He’s more accurate than Mike Glennon and I feel like he could be around in the early 2nd for the Bills, Jets, Jaguars, etc. The best bet for him would be with the Buffalo Bills with RB CJ Spiller, and WR Stevie Johnson. Maybe they can develop to start winning in the post-Brady era.

Taking over for Jarrett Brown in 2010, this pure passer has excelled. He`s eclipsed 11662 passing yards and 98 TD passes in three years. He had people saying WOAH!

Geno Smith favorite to go #1 in the 2013 Draft

Geno Smith favorite to go #1 in the 2013 Draft

Smith`s signature moment would be that 4th down play to Stedman Bailey. That conversion got them into field goal range. It was a great throw and a great catch. They won that game by a field goal 30-27.

Like Matt Barkley, Geno Smith had two stud wide receivers Stedman Bailey (HS teammate) and Tavon Austin. He took full advantage two wide receivers during the 2012 Orange Bowl putting up a whopping 70 points on the Clemson Tigers led by DeQuan Bowers and Andre Branch. That opened everyone`s eyes to West Virginia’s offense and QB Geno Smith.

Smith was a statistical juggernaut as the West Virginia Mountaineers scored a lot of points in their inaugural season in the Big 12 conference this past season. They were ranked as high as #2 early on in the season. But his Mountaineers finished up at 7-6 with a Pinstripe Bowl loss to Ryan Nassib’s Syracuse Orange (more on him later).

He has the arm strength, ideal arm accuracy, footwork in the pocket. The only thing not to like would be the games he played against the elite defensive teams like LSU, Texas, and K-State etc. He doesn’t the speed that you would think. A great comparison would be an Aaron Brooks with better accuracy but honestly presently he`s more of a Ben Roethlisberger.

Smith is by far the favorite to go #1 by the majority of scouts, I can see why but I don’t think he is as polished or as accomplished as Matt Barkley.

He could end up #1 to KC, 4 to Philly, 7th to Arizona, etc. Smith should be a top 15 pick that’s not my question, but with playing in the Run and Shoot I wonder how that translates, and judging by others like Kevin Kolb, Andre Ware, and Tim Couch… not too well.

When I first saw Matt Barkley I was in awe of how polished he was as a senior at Mater Dei shredding up his competition and he became the #1 QB in HS Class of 09.

Taken by James Santelli, Neon Tommy. September...

Taken by James Santelli, Neon Tommy. September 24, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matt Barkley`s arrival on the college football world happened  to be against the Ohio State Buckeyes his freshman year. I remember that 4th quarter drive he had and to top it all off he had that two point conversion to Joe McKnight that ultimately won the game.

Now fast forward to his junior yr. with Robert Woods and Marquise  Lee, he proved in my eyes that was more than worthy of being in the conversation with Andrew Luck who was mocked and eventually chosen number 1 by Indianapolis in the 2012 NFL Draft.

I firmly believe that he would have been the #2 pick had he came out last year. Maybe the Redskins would have been able to keep the 6th pick to take Robert Griffin III instead of trading up to the #2 pick.

His senior year was supposed to be “the year” they were the preseason #1. He was supposed to win the Heisman and the National Championship. As a result of that everyone laid it all on Barkley unfairly I might add.

But it ended when he suffered a shoulder injury in what otherwise was a season of great numbers but disappointing results with the expectations that they were worthy of a National Championship. Regardless minus the injuries he has numbers and the production to be a top 5 pick. It’s a matter of whether his shoulder can hold up cause I feel Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford never fully recovered from their injuries.

However if the shoulder is 100% he has the same skills that people loved in Andrew Luck and Ryan Tannehill. Barkley sees the whole field and can throw in any angle to every part of the field, and never mind the fact he was at a disadvantage coaching wise cause Lane Kiffin is an awful coach. Regardless fighting through the probation period with the school and the fact he played with two great wide receivers means he`s a leader.

He finished his USC career with 12,327 passing yards and 116 TD passes both Pac-12 (formally Pac-10) records. He was the first four-year starter in school history and for USC that`s saying something. I still think he should go #1 if KC as opposed to Geno Smith but this USC QB’s best fit would be in Arizona with Bruce Arians, a guy who coached Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger. He’ll even have Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Roberts and Michael Floyd there, we all know that defense is good when they’re motivated to be.

Maybe this USC QB will be the golden boy, I believe so if his shoulder checks out.

When I look at the Quarterback Class of 2013, I see a bunch of prospects with question marks. But with that I see oozing potential with some of the quarterbacks. Not to the same level as the 2012 class led by RGIII, Russell WIlson, Ryan Tannehill, and Andrew Luck. My rankings may surprise you so hang tight I`m only doing a Top 5 (one daily) for now so lets get started.

1. Matt Barkley
2. Geno Smith
3. Ryan Nassib
4. Tyler Wilson
5. Mike Glennon