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For the Defense I will mainly focus on the Big-Name guys except Teo (overblown).

For DL and LB I will profile Dion Jordan, Margus Hunt, Alex Okafor, Arthur Brown of KSU, and The LSU duo of Sam Montgomery and Barkevious Mingo.

My rankings for the D-Line is as follows, remember this is based on film i’m not Mike Mayock and have inside sources. This is based on solely talent.

At Defensive Tackle/Nose Tackles/Defensive Ends

Top DT Star Lotelelei of Utah hopes to wow scouts after scare with his heart held him out of the combine

1. Star Lotulelei-University of Utah

2. Dion Jordan-University of Oregon

3. Alex Okafor-University of Texas

4. Sharrif Floyd-University of Florida

5. Margus Hunt-Southern Methodist Univerity

The Defensive Line Group in this year’s Draft is very deep and I have some names not usually mentioned in high regard. Star Lotulelei dominated the PAC-12 in his time at Utah regarded by many as the best defensive lineman in this draft. The heart condition held him out of the combine but if his health checks out, he’s still the best in this group.

I will have more on Oregon’s Dion Jordan but like most of the Oregon team he’s explosive and he’s a pass rusher. I see him being drafted in the top 10 like many others. Ignore the fact Oregon had an awful defense, he and Kiko Alonso were stars for that defense and they were enough to win a Fiesta Bowl.

Alex Okafor is a guy that sounds like a 1st round pick, he’s well coached and was paired with Jackson Jeffcoat at DE. As the season went on you saw more of him. Texas is a team that improved in his time once they got the running game in order.

Sharrif Floyd was a big time recruit in 2010, but I don’t see the hype of why he should go in the top three, but he’s a definite first round pick. I dont agree when people say this draft sucks, (its cause there are no QBs). NFL Scouts go on potential and I see why but when I think Floridas defense I think of S Matt Elam and LB Jelani Jenkins  before I think of Floyd. But he does stop the run but I’m sure if he can give you a rush in a 3-4 end position, I feel he’s a 4-3 DT .

English: Margus Hunt at SMU Football Spring Pr...

English: Margus Hunt at SMU Football Spring Practice 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Margus Hunt is being dubbed another JJ Watt. Wait what?? Ok I’m not on that bandwagon although I’m a fan. Remember Watt is a big guy well Hunt is 6’7 290lbs, (Pepper’s  Size), but he plays more like how Grant Winstrom and Bertrand Berry were. I know those are old names but they were guys who flourished in the run game. They were great athletes like Hunt who ran a 4.62 40. He did win a gold medal in track while still at Estonia.

When you watch the Draft also look out for some sleepers in this deep DLine Class Obviously look out DE Bjoern Werner of FSU and DE Ezekial Ansah of BYU, both are raw but I don’t see them being better than Hunt. Also watch for Brandon Jenkins the 2011 All-American from Florida State and William Gholston of Michigan State, both of those guys entered the 2012 season with High Expectations but an injury for Jenkins and inconsistency for Gholston cost them in the Hype Machine factor.


Kenjon Barner #24 with the Stiff-Arm of an Oregon State Beaver in the Civil War.

Of all the points that have been scored by the Oregon Ducks in the Chip Kelly era with Dennis Dixon and Jonathan Stewart to Jeremiah Masoli and LaMichael James, to reach levels this past season that no one has seen since Tom Osborne’s Nebraska teams in the mid 1990’s with Lawrence Phillips, Ahman Green, and Tommie Frazier. What can I say Chip Kelly knows offense and Kenjon Barner was another star of his Richard Simmons type super-speed workout plan.

Barner had some people around the nation forget that they had lost LaMichael James in the draft in 2012. Also remember he shared a backfield with DeAnthony Thomas, who is also a productive back in that offense.

But even with that it was fair to say Barner was the focal point of an offense that could score almost at will. Barner ran for 1,767 yards and 21TDs rushing last season en route to an invitation for the Heisman trophy in which he finished third, 1st team All-American and another Oregon appearance to a BCS bowl game. Remember the USC game he had with 321 yards and 5TDs now that is putting a team on his back.

Kenjon Barner (24) and LaMichael James, runnin...

Kenjon Barner (24) and LaMichael James, running backs for the Oregon Ducks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Overall he had a great season, now on to the draft talk. Scouts see him in the same light as James from a year ago in the 2nd-3rd round range. After all he’s lightning fast (4.30-4.40 40 yd. dash) but only seems like he’s being held back he’s a so-called “system back.”

I see him as a Reggie Bush/LeSean McCoy type; he can score anytime he touches the ball. One of his knocks or weaknesses would be his small stature of 5’9” 188lbs it was for many others before him so keep that in mind. Also the perception of the Oregon offense, it’s not like LaMichael James and Jonathan Stewart are blowing people’s socks off these days. One factor is the business itself. With the fact that there are a lot of good backs in the league so the demand isn’t there like it was in the McFadden/Peterson/Bush years in the mid 2000’s.

Could we also see this guy in a Kevin Faulk/Chester Taylor type role? I would answer yes. He’s a guy where 10-15 touches can get you 140yds+ in his good games. My comparison would be Reggie Bush but more of a Darren Sproles but we all know what Sproles is capable of in his time with the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints.

Great fits for Barner include the New York (Jets), Green Bay Packers or San Diego Chargers.

For San Diego it would only be possible because Ryan Mathews hasn’t shown he can stay healthy or maintain a good level of production, if anything he’s been a fantasy bust plus they miss Darren Sproles ALOT, his ability in the screen game and also with draws.

In the Jets case it be like I mentioned about Giovani Bernard. Barner could pair with Shonn Greene to carry that team cause Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are both just on another level of terrible.

For Green Bay I don’t feel Dwayne Harris and Alex Green are even capable backs in the league. In that offense I feel Barner would shine. They have yet to “replace” Ryan Grant which has cost them in the past two years.

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